Scientific report on strategies and intelligent e-learning systems in the spheres of Chinese Image Medicine and Zhong Yuan Qigong at the first international workshop

The 1st International Workshop on Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine (IDDM 2018) was held in Lviv, Ukraine on November 28-30, 2018.

At this event a scholarly paper «The Axiomatic-Deductive Strategy of Knowledge Organization in Onto-based e-learning Systems for Chinese Image Medicine» was presented by Professor Serhii Lupenko, Professor Volodymyr Pasichnyk, Professor Natalia Kunanets, Professor Xu Mingtang and Postgraduate Student Oleksandra Orobchuk.

The paper is devoted to the axiomatic-deductive strategy of knowledge organization in electronic learning systems for Chinese Image Medicine. The developed approach makes it possible to unify and standardize the data and knowledge presentation in the sphere of Chinese Image Medicine. Also, it is the basis for knowledge specification in modern artificial intelligence systems, particularly, in intelligent e-learning systems. This approach fully meets the requirements of the semantic quality of electronic courses for the image therapists training as well as for the on-line training of Zhong Yuan Qigong system.

The main results of the paper are published in the materials of this international workshop, which will be indexed in prestigious for academic community abstract and citation databases Web of Science and Scopus.

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