The bright event of Spring 2020 – on 16-17 of May, in Ternopil – The 3rd Ukrainian Forum on Chinese Image Medicine!

We invite to participate speakers, listeners, coaches of masterclasses!

The aims of the Forum: experience exchange, discussions and talking on actual questions, establishing the conditions for the cooperation in the area of Chinese Image Medicine and the natural methods of prevention and treatment of the diseases.

Languages: Ukrainian, English, Russian.

You can participate as:
  • Listener
  • reporter (poster presentation – 15 minutes, plenary talk 30 minutes)
  • master-class – 30 minutes
  • publishing of the article or the thesis


We invite to take part in the Forum:

  • Specialists of Chinese Image Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Specialists in the areas of healthcare in traditional and non-traditional medicine;
  • ZYQ instructors and practitioners;
  • Researchers of systems and methods of developmental training and wellness;
  • Line Scientific and Research Institutes, Universities, Clinics and Hospitals.
  • All the people with the interest in researching, studying, experience exchange in the area of healthcare, wellness and prevention.


The materials of reports, lectures and masterclasses are accepted till the 30 of April 2020.

  • The reporters and lecturers have to prepare PPT presentations and send them to this e-mail: ukrcim108@gmail.comtill the 30 of April 2020.
  • The reporters and lecturers who would like to have their materials published in the compendium of thesis and reports should send all the necessary materials till the 15 of April 2020 to this e-mail:

ATTANTION! All the materials of the reports and publications will be previously considered by the commission. After the commission’s approval of the materials, the participant will get the e-mail that his/her report is accepted.

The requirements for the materials to be published in the compendium:


The article – up to 10 pages A4, thesis – up to 3 pages A4, Word, Times New Roman 12, spacing 1,5.

The first line should include the second and the first name of the author (authors); the second line – the title of the material; the third line – the title of the organization where your work was done and the city; further – the main material. Pictures and diagrams should be sent as attachments to the e-mails in tiff or jpg.

All the materials should be sent as attachments to the e-mails. The titles of the documents should be formed according to the name of the first author of the article.

The program of the Forum will be forming during the registration period and will be published later.

MORE DETAILED INFORMATION about the registration for the participants will appear soon!